CRANS-Montana Après ski

Après Ski

In Crans-Montana there is never a dull moment, even when you come off the slopes you will find plenty of events and entertainment available in and around the resort. Crans-Montana ensures an unforgettable experience both on and off your skis. Below is a taster of what you can expect to be on offer during your time in Crans-Montana – enough to keep the whole family entertained and ensure a holiday of a lifetime.

CRans-Montana Events

Festivals and events in the Crans-Montana Ski Area

Caprices Festival

Music Festivals

There is nothing quite like taking part in a celebration of live music and bands while surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery on the planet. In Crans-Montana there power plenty of opportunities to get involved with musical celebrations such as the Caprices Festival.

Caprices is a modern music event that is recognised globally and takes place at altitude in the Crans-Montana ski resort.

Enduro World Series

Ski & Mountain Bike Events

As with most of the Alpine region and Valais in particular the landscape around Crans-Montana brings opportunities for incredible sporting events. Events in the mountains around Crans-Montana include world-class skiing and mountain biking opportunities. The Enduro World Series takes place in Crans-Montana and Jules professional enduro riders from around the globe to challenge themselves on the tracks. Amateurs are also invited to use these same tracks during short sessions to allow them to test their skills.
Aprés Ski Crans-Montana

Après Ski

Après ski activities are incredibly popular when it comes to the skiing lifestyle, and Crans-Montana definitely doesn’t disappoint in this area. The Crans-Montana ski resort is packed with a diverse range of après ski activities to take part in. Whether you are looking for a venue to host a post-ski party or just a quiet and cosy area to relax you’ll find options to suit everyone in Crans-Montana.


Entertainment in the Champéry region

Daytime activities

Daytime Entertainment

During the daytime Crans-Montana is it vibrant, bustling ski resort that hosts a large range of daytime activities and entertainment. The resort frequently hosts music festivals and events in the surrounding mountains while the villages of Crans and Montana will often see markets and traditional Swiss performances. Areas local to Crans-Montana alpha visitors a diverse range of entertainment options including excursions and tours around places which include vineyards an dairies to allow tourists to see how local food and drink is produced. If you’re not skiing the daylight hours our perfect time for the whole family to enjoy what Crans-Montana has to offer.
Night activities

Evening Entertainment

During the evening hours, Crans-Montana truly comes alive with an endless amount of ways to have fun. You will find the resort bursting with energy and laughter as the sun sets and the bars, restaurants, and venues come to life. Why not challenge your friends to a game of bowling or head to a club and dance the night away?

The dynamic destination of Crans-Montana is suited to all the family offering activities and entertainment options to suit anyone. With a 3D cinema in the resort why not had to watch the latest blockbuster as you relax after a long day on the slopes? This vibrant ski resort has as much to offer at night as it does in the day!

Crans-Montana Nightlife

Enjoy the exciting nightlife in Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana nightlife

Bars & Clubs

Enjoying the Crans-Montana nightlife is a completely unique experience, As the day transitions from the steel blue skies and bright sunshine to twinkling street lights and the starry night Crans-Montana adopts an energetic atmosphere as the bars, restaurants, and clubs begin to fill. After enjoying some of Switzerland’s finest restaurants many people choose to visit one of the many venues around the resort.

With plenty of places to choose from, there is somewhere for everyone whether that be a jazzy piano bar, a cabaret, or clubbing until the early hours of the morning. A stay in Crans-Montana will ensure you make the most of your time both during the day and the night.


Crans-Montana, Sierre

Crans-Montana is one of the most popular ski destinations in Valais, with exceptional access by both car and train. Access Crans-Montana directly from Geneva by car in less than two hours. Discover this stunning Alpine destination for yourself, and find out why it makes a fantastic break all year round.

Access By Car

  From Sierre to Crans-Montana : 20 minutes From Geneva to Sierre : 2h From Milan to Sierre : 3h20 From Zürich to Sierre : 3h30 From Paris to Sierre : 6h30

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15 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1500m Skiing 3000m