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Make the most of your stay with Mrs Miggins by taking advantage of a selection of activities offered in and around Grimentz. Grimentz is the ideal destination for the entire family, with something for all ages and interests to be discovered in this beautiful part of Valais. Staff at Mrs Miggins can help guide you towards experiences that interest you to help make your Alpine vacation truly unforgettable.


Other activities in Grimentz

Fixed Rope Climbing

For those who are looking for their next adrenaline thrill, Grimentz has just what you’re looking for, the Via Ferrata Climbing Route. This exciting climb will have you skirting the edge of the Lac de Moiry fully supervised by experienced instructors, this is one climb that is sure to get anyone’s heart racing.

This specialist climbing route is not for the faint hearted, with overhanging traverses up to 20 metres long in some areas, but the rewards for taking on this once in a lifetime challenge are well worth it. Enjoy incredible views of the turquoise waters of the Moiry dam during the 2.5km trail which will test your skill, endurance and nerve. You can also enjoy foods including fondue at the Lac de Moiry via ferrata climbing area afterwards as you reap the rewards of your climb with stunning views over the lake.

Lac de Moiry via ferrata climbing route details:

Distance: 2.5km

Competition Time: 2:30h

Difficulty: Hard

Toboggan run Grimentz

Toboggan run Grimentz

Take to the Val d’Anniviers on a toboggan for a breathtaking journey down 5km of slopes. Great for those who don’t want to ski, or just for taking a more leisurely trip down the slopes and take in the magnificent views.

Starting in the Grimentz village, you are taken up to an altitude of 2129 metres by cable car to Bendolla. From here you begin your gliding decent back towards Grimentz, during which you will be able to appreciate the fantastic scenery you pass through.

Val d’Anniviers toboggan details:

Distance: 5km

Start: Summit station “Bendolla” (2129 m)

End: Grimentz (1553 m)

Difficulty: Medium


Snowshoe Hiking

Discover the Alps in one of the most traditional ways during a snowshoe hiking experience. Here you will be taken on trails which lead you to some of the most magnificent parts of the mountains surrounding Grimentz. Take the tour at your own pace and enjoy the gradual change in scenery as you make your way over the snowy mountains.

There is something truly magical about this unique way to experience an ancestral way of life. Prepare to see plenty of wildlife during the tour, with nothing more than the crunching snow beneath your feet. Some options include a cheese fondue to enjoy with a view.

Snowshoe Hiking and Mayen fondue in the Val d’Anniviers:

Distance: 8km

Competition Time: 4:30h

CHF 95. per person

ski touring

Ski Touring

Born of a combination of hiking and skiing, ski touring is a fantastic way to cover a huge area of the Val d’Anniviers and taking the stunning scenery at the same time. You are taken on routes of varying difficulty to appreciate the very best the Alps have to offer.

During ski touring you will make your way up the snow covered slopes of the surrounding mountains with specially designed touring skis, before blasting your way back down the slopes during your exciting decent.

Rando Parc in the Val d’Anniviers:

10 Routes to Explore





Take advantage of the Pass Anniviers Liberté offer when you stay in certain accommodation in Anniviers. This offer stands from the May to November, providing its holder free access  or a 50% discount on transport, leisure facilities, and attractions around the region.

You qualify for this fantastic offer if you spend one night or more in commercially-rented accommodation or in a holiday home. Visitors of Grimentz can acquire their passes from the Mrs Miggins reception at check in.

Pass Anniviers Liberté Benefits in Grimentz include:

50% Ski Lift Discount (Bendolla & Sorebois cable car)

Access to Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Free Tennis & Mini-golf

Free Bus Rides

Free guided tour of the Moiry dam
Free tour of the Maison de Grand-Maman (Granny’s House)
Free tour of the ‘Maison Bourgeoisiale’ communal building

Plus loads more to make your Grimentz holiday unforgettable.

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Hiking Grimentz

Hiking In Grimentz

One of the best ways to enjoy the wonderful sights and scenery Grimentz has to offer is to take to the trails around the village and surrounding mountains on foot. The Val d’Anniviers is traced with interesting and exciting hiking trails waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy a variety of routes suitable for all levels of experience, whether you are looking for a quiet and relaxed walk or more challenging hiking adventure. The areas around Grimentz are dotted with hiking cabins such as the Cabane de Moiry where you can stop to get refreshments during your hike to taking in the breathtaking views and refuel.

Cabane de Moiry

From Lac de Châteaupré (2349 m) above the turquoise blue Lac de Moiry, a path leads first eastwards, then southwards through pastures and moraine debris to the crest of the right lateral moraine of Glacier de Moiry. Follow this moraine, which rises slightly to the foot of the rocky shoulder on which the hut can be seen. A good path now zigzags up to the hut (2825 m). After just under 2 hours, you are in another world. Archaic, rough and overwhelming. You can’t help but be amazed. Simply breath-taking

Completion time: 2:00h

Tour du Lac de Moiry

Enjoy dramatic views of the Lac de Moiry and it’s dam during this 13.7km hiking trail named the Tour du Lac de Moiry, located 2500 metres above sea-level. This scenic route offers expansive views across the turquoise waters of the lake as it follows it’s shores. At the far end of the lake, the hiking trail crosses the La Gougra river which is fed by the Glacier de Moiry higher up the valley.

Completion time: 4:45h

Mountain biking in Grimentz

Mountain Biking

Grimentz and the surrounding mountains are a true mountain biking paradise. With a full range of mountain biking facilities, routes, and transport options, you are guaranteed an exciting and adrenaline fuel biking experience in Grimentz. The varying grade routes will take you through some of the most breathtaking Alpine scenery on earth, with biking trails for all levels of experience. To hone your mountain biking skills why not visit the St Luc Bike Park, a great destination for mountain biking enthusiast. The three trails of varying difficulty at the St Luc Bike Park are excellent for testing your skill, and your nerve.

Pumptrack Grimentz

Pumptrack Grimentz is a specially created cycle track located in the “Clos des Frès” recreation area. This track is free to use for visitors, and is suitable for use by BMX, mountain bikes, skateboards, roller skates, and scooters. It is comprised of a series of ramps and banked turns, ideal for those looking to refine their skills, or just for a fun day out in the summer season.

Track Size: 900m2

Terrain: Tarmac

The Grand Raid

The Grand Raid is a spectacular race which takes place over a total course length of 125km, but the unique style of this race allows participants to join at any of the four joining points along the route. Starting in Verbier and finishing in Grimentz with over 2000 participants.

Total Distance: 125 km

Number Of Races: 4

Grimentz Village

Shuttle bus Grimentz

Getting Around

Grimentz is easily accessible through a variety of transport options, making exploring the village and the surrounding areas very easy. Shuttle busses operate in the area in both summer and winter and allow for access to the nearby towns of Zinal, Moiry & the Vissoie (summer), and Vercorin. Grimentz is only a 30 minute journey from the Sierre train station for travel from further afield.

Though one of the best ways to explore the village of Grimentz is on bike or by foot, allowing you to take in the traditional architecture and wonders that the village possesses. The small scale of the village allows you to explore its entirety in this way, while it is also large enough to have plenty to offer to everyone.

fiery red geraniums

Things To Do

Grimentz is most widely known for it’s traditional Swiss feel and relaxed atmosphere, this makes it the ideal destination for those who are looking for a more laid back luxury holiday. The village is adorned with hundreds of fiery red geraniums in the summer months. The local and surrounding area is dotted with restaurants, bars, and shops – selling everything from groceries to skiing equipment.

There are also plenty of local amenities including pools and activity centres to entertain the whole family no matter their age or interests. The calm atmosphere in Grimentz makes it a great family destination, allowing you to focus on time spent together while bonding as you do the things you all love.

Children’s Activities


Children’s Entertainment

Keeping your children happy during a holiday can sometimes be a challenge, but during a holiday with Mrs Miggins in Grimentz this is never an issue. Grimentz is a highly regarded family vacation destination, with plenty of activities to offer for all family members. Grimentz has it’s very own indoor play park, reserved for children under 20. The play park includes an adventure area, trampolines, ninja warrior, battle beam, and much more. This professionally run park is a great place for children to have fun, while you enjoy the wonders of Grimentz.

Children’s Skiing Clubs

Taking to the slopes around Grimentz is a great experience for all ages, they also make a fantastic place to begin your child’s skiing journey. Specialist ski schools around Grimentz, such as the ESS Snowgarden offer lessons specifically for kids, to get them on their first trips down the slopes. They take on children from 3 years old, providing expert ski tutoring during the ski lessons. If you are just looking for some time to take to the slopes on your own why not take advantage of the nursery service offered at the Swiss Ski School Grimentz, see prices below.

Child pricing at the Grimentz Snowgarden (10:00 – 12:45 / 13:30 – 14:45):

1 Day Snowgarden for CHF 55.

5 Days Snowgarden for CHF 225.

Kids Nursery for CHF 18./Hour

Grimentz children's ski school


Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers

Stunning high mountains surround the village of Grimentz on all sides, positioned with the Rhone Valley to the north, Zermatt (The Matterhorn) to the east, Italy to the south, and Verbier to the west, Grimentz is the true definition of Alpine living. The village offers incredible opportunities to engage in exciting snow sports as well as being a rich traditional experience.

Access By Car

From Grimentz to Sierre : 30 minutes

From Milan to Sierre : 3h20

From Geneva to Sierre : 2h00

From Zürich to Sierre : 3h10

From Paris to Sierre : 6h50

Access to ski lifts



30 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1587m
Skiing 3000m