Champéry Food & Drink

Champéry Food & Drink


Champéry offers some of the finest Swiss dining in the world, with locally source food and drinks – Some of which is grown just a few miles away from the restaurants that serve it. The village of Champéry is dotted with a variety of restaurants and bars for you to visit, all of which offer their own unique spin on Swiss dining which is reflected the food, décor, and atmosphere within. Why not try a different restaurant each day to experience new tastes and cuisine styles, all served with love from Champéry.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant Le 42

Restaurants In Champéry

With a number of world-class restaurants in the village of Champéry, you will never get stuck for choice. Whether you are looking for fine dining with some of the highest quality food and service in the Swiss Alps, or just a quick bite to eat, Champéry has it all.

With your accommodation just a short walk away from the heart of Champéry it is possible to try a new restaurant each day to enjoy different styles of Swiss cuisine, and a different dining experience each day of your stay with us.

Restaurant Le 42 is one of the most popular Michelin star restaurants in Champéry. It offers a selection of courses, dishes, and drinks to suit any palate, all served in a stunning Swiss-inspired dining area, with full food and drinks table service.

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Bars In Champéry

Bars In Champéry

There is nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing after a day on the slopes in a traditional Swiss bar. Their cosy décor and vibrant atmosphere make for a fantastic place to socialise and wind down while sampling some of the locally products wines.

The Bar des Guides is located right in the heart of Champéry village, enjoy drinks in this warm and friendly bar which attracts both visitors and locals along with all generations and nationalities.

If you are looking for a quieter venue why not try the restaurant and night bar Le Farinet, offering both food and drinks to their customers with a relaxed and traditional Alpine feel, it makes the perfect place visit after a day exploring the beauty of Champéry.

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Tasting Experiences

cheese making

Traditional Cheese Making

Take part in a traditional cheese making demonstration at a farm local to Champéry. Watch as fresh milk is turned into a the famous La Pisa Alpine cheese before your eyes. The demonstration shows how the world famous cheeses from the area have been produced throughout the years. And of course at the end of your experience you will have the chance to try some of the cheeses and other delicious products available at the farm.

Prices for traditional cheese making experience:

Adults: CHF 12.-

Children (Aged 6 – 12): CHF 10.

Bex Vineyards near Champéry

Wine Tasting

Discover the wonders of wine making at one of the beautiful vineyards nearby. Take part in wine tasting experiences and marvel at the wine making process, all while soaking up the stunning scenery that surrounds you.

The Bex Wine Company is located just a short drive from Champéry village, with on-location wine tasting available. This wine production company has won multiple awards around the globe for their superb quality produce.

Champéry village food

Champéry Village

The Champéry Rue du Village is full of charming traditional local shops and food stands, on just a short walk you are promised an abundance of locally sourced produce and food types to try. This taste bud journey through the village is complimented by the beautiful Swiss architecture you will encounter, which is sure to give you an even more memorable food tasting experience.

Expect to come across Swiss cheeses, locally produced meats and vegetables, conserves, fruits, and drinks, most of which is served in a traditional Alpine fashion with fantastic attention to detail in both taste and aesthetics.

Local Delicacies

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheeses

The moon might not be made of cheese, but Switzerland might as well be. Switzerland has gained the title of the cheese capital of the world having made cheese products for centuries. These include Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP label) cheeses which can only be produced in their region of origin.

With a variety of cheese serving styles including fondue, and raclette, the Swiss have found a cheese and a serving style for every occasion and taste. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of cheese during your stay in Champéry.

Swiss Wines

Swiss Wines

With vineyards in Switzerland dating back to the Roman times, the wine produced in Switzerland has become one of the regions best kept secrets. Roughly 250 grape varieties grow in over 37,000 acres of vineyards in the country, of which 12,000 acres are located in Valais.

During ‘Open Cellars Season’ you can expect may local vineyards to throw open their doors to visitors, giving them an insight into what goes into the expertly produced wines grown in stunning Swiss valleys.

Swiss chocolate

Swiss Chocolate

The success of Swiss-produced chocolate is no secret to the modern-day chocoholic, with its rich flavour and melt in your mouth texture, what is not to love.

Production of chocolate in Switzerland dates back to 1819 when the first chocolate pioneers began to perfect their chocolate recipe. Since then the Swiss chocolate industry has seen incredible demand for their products globally. You are sure to come across a huge variety of chocolate in all sorts of types, tastes and sizes. Indulge yourself, you’re on holiday!


Champéry, Valais

Only 1.5 hours from Geneva, Champéry sits on the France-Switzerland border, making up part of the world-famous snow sports and mountain biking area, the Port du Soleil. This beautiful village makes a fantastic destination 365 days a year, with something to offer to all the family.

Access By Car

From Monthey to Champéry : 15 minutes

From Geneva to Monthey : 1h20

From Zürich to Monthey : 2h25

From Milan to Monthey : 3h30

From Paris to Monthey : 6h25

Access to ski lifts



15 mins (Monthey)


Resort 1055m
Skiing 2466m