Other Activities in CHAMPÉRY

Champéry Activities


Enjoy an exciting and unforgettable time in Champéry with the huge amount of activities available to all Mrs Miggins guests. Mrs Miggins staff can help guide you towards activities which interest you most and help ensure you are getting the most out of your Alpine holiday with us.



Take To The Skies

Explore the Portes Du Soleil from the skies above by taking part in a spectacular paragliding experience. There really is no other way to match the outstanding sights to be seen when you’re gliding peacefully through the clouds of this beautiful region. From relaxed tandem flights, to solo paragliding courses, the licenced professionals at Paragliding school of Champoussin will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime!

Prices for paragliding at the Paragliding school of Champoussin:

Tandem flight CHF 80-160.

Full day of tandem flights CHF 400.

Initiation day CHF 160.

Day with equipment and transport (at least 4 flights) CHF 160.

horse riding Champéry

Horse & Pony Riding

The ultimate alpine adventure on horseback, discover the beautiful scenery that surrounds Champéry on horse back. From snowy forests to luscious green pastures, making your way through the Portes Du Soleil at your own pace with an educated guide is one of the best ways to see everything the region has to offer. Ideal for all the family, with pony riding experiences available to younger ages (must be accompanied by an adult).

Prices for horse riding at the Champéry Equestrian centre (accompanied by a guide):

1 hour CHF 40.- (CHF 35.- child)

½ day (3h) CHF 110.- (CHF 95.- child)

1 day CHF 160.- (CHF 140.- child)

ice climbing Champéry

Ice Climbing

Want to try something totally different? Ice climbing might just be for you. In the height of the colder months why not try this challenging but rewarding activity which see’s you climbing your way up icy structures in the areas surround Champéry. With the ever changing ice structures you will most likely be taking routes never touched before, guided by an experienced professional who will ensure you have a safe but incredible experience.

Prices per day per person for Ice Climbing in Champéry (available during prolonged cold weather, or periods of extreme cold:

CHF 580.– / 1 to 2 people

CHF 210.– / 3 people

CHF 170.– / 4 to 5 people

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Hiking in Champéry

Hiking In Champéry

One of the most popular activities off of the snow is hiking, and for good reason. Taking to the mountain trails of the Portes Du Soleil and exploring at your own pace is one of the best ways to take in the stunning surroundings.

Expect to encounter crystal clear trickling streams leading to expansive lakes, dense forests, luscious meadows, and plenty of traditional buildings and cabins throughout your travels. No hiking trail is the same, with and endless number of memorable encounters along the way. Lift access throughout the summer will transport you to higher level hiking trails for some of the best views. Don’t forget to ask Mrs Miggins for some of the best route suggestions!

Why not give these routes a try:

Champery to Lac d’Antème (11.42 miles) – Moderate

Bonavau Refuge (5.67 miles) – Moderate

Champéry to The Granges (15.48 miles) – Hard

Mountain Biking Champéry

Mountain Biking

In the summer months the Portes Du Soleil transforms into the biggest bike domain in Europe, with over 600km of marked trails available. The endless variety of trails means there is something for everyone, from a relaxed scenic ride, to a full blown professional standard downhill trail.

With lift access to higher trails throughout the whole of the summer, getting to your favourite trail is easy, leaving you more time to get that adrenaline pumping and blast down the mountains on a modern, high grade mountain bike or state of the art electric mountain bike.

Mountain biking at Bikepark Champéry:

11 downhill tracks – including the mythical World Cup track in Champéry

12 MTB / E-Bike itinary – including the panoramic loop of the Grand8

4 lifts dedicated to mountain biking

Champéry Village

Champéry Village

Getting Around

Champéry makes up one of 12 village in the Portes Du Soleil region, with plenty of public transport available, from taxi’s to buses. Shuttles connect the villages in the Portes Du Soleil, with easy access to the nearest train station in Monthey at only 15 minutes away.

The village of Champéry is best explored on a bike or by foot, allowing you to take in the extraordinary architecture in the area at your own pace. The village is small enough to explore in its entirety in this way, while being large enough to have plenty to offer to everyone.


Things To Do

There are plenty of things to do in the village of Champéry, all while appreciating the traditional Swiss feel of the village. Perhaps sample some of the local restaurants and bars while you’re exploring. There are also plenty of shops dotted throughout the village selling everything from groceries to souvenirs.

Local amenities such as swimming pools and clubs will keep the whole family entertained throughout your stay and provide an area to socialise and unwind for an incredibly relaxing stay.

Children’s Activities


Children’s Entertainment

Keeping the your children entertained can sometimes be difficult on holiday and detract from the relaxation of your vacation, here in Champéry there are plenty of options when it comes to keeping your children entertained. With a range of kids clubs in the area you know your children are having a great time while totally safe with a fun and professional team.


Children’s Skiing Clubs

The local ski centres such as ‘ESS Champéry‘ provide specialist training for children taking to the slopes for the first time. The professional children’s ski clubs will guide your children through their first ever ski runs and help them build confidence on their ski’s. Lessons are taught in a fun and immersive way so your children can make new friends along the way and enjoy their skiing holiday as much as you do!

For kids from 3 to 7 years old on skis, open every day & includes Baby-lift:

1 x ½ day (9h30 – 12h30 or 13h30 – 16h30) for CHF 70.

5 x consecutive ½ day (9h30 – 12h30 or 13h30 – 16h30) for CHF 280.

5 x non-consecutive ½ day (9h30 – 12h30 or 13h30 – 16h30) for CHF 300.

Childrens Activities


Champéry, Valais

Only 1.5 hours from Geneva, Champéry sits on the France-Switzerland border, making up part of the world-famous snow sports and mountain biking area, the Port du Soleil. This beautiful village makes a fantastic destination 365 days a year, with something to offer to all the family.

Access By Car

From Monthey to Champéry : 15 minutes

From Geneva to Monthey : 1h20

From Zürich to Monthey : 2h25

From Milan to Monthey : 3h30

From Paris to Monthey : 6h25

Access to ski lifts



15 mins (Monthey)


Resort 1055m Skiing 2466m