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Val d’Anniviers Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding is what has put the Val d’Anniviers on the map, with a huge range of slopes suitable for all abilities and experience levels, this part of the Alps is great whether it’s your first time on the slopes, or you’re a skiing veteran. Grimentz has some of the best access to the slopes in this region, with some of the most popular cable cars and ski runs located in the village.

Ski Hire

Grimentz-Zinal Ski Equipment Hire Information

Ski Hire in Grimentz

Get Your Skis on

The quickest and easiest way to get on the slopes is by taking advantage of the local ski hire facilities. In Grimentz you have the option of four ski equipment hire centres, all offer a variety of kit hire and hire durations, as well as advice on specialised equipment depending on your skiing ability. We are partnered with Do Sports Grimentz who offer outstanding service and equipment for all skiing levels, choosing to hire with Do Sport Grimentz enables you to pay for both your ski hire and accommodation at our reception.

Ski & snowboard hire will allow you to select a period of time to have your equipment, so there is no need to pay for more than you plan to use your skis or snowboard. For pricing and further information regarding ski hire in Grimentz see details below.

Do-Sports Grimentz


Opening Hours

Every day: 08:00-19:00

Do-Sport Grimentz is is an INTERSPORTS store offering a huge selection of sporting equipment for sale and hire in Grimentz. This includes an extensive choice of ski and snowboard equipment hire. Customers have a range of packages to choose from allowing flexibility with budget and ski quality depending on your skiing level.

For booking your ski hire contact Do-Sports Grimentz for your ski or snowboarding equipment, this is the fastest hire option. Expert advisors will be able to assist you in choosing the correct skis to match your skiing ability.




Skis & Poles / Snowboard 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days What You Get
Black (Pro) 55 CHF 165 CHF 275 CHF First class skis/snowboard.
Red (Premium) 38 CHF 99 CHF 132 CHF High-quality skis/snowboard.
Blue (Eco) 29 CHF 79 CHF 109 CHF Budget focused skis/snowboard.
Ski / Snowboard Boots 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days What You Get
Red (Premium) 19 CHF 50 CHF 72 CHF Quality  boots.
Blue (Eco) 15 CHF 40 CHF 56 CHF

Budget boots.


Skis & Poles / Snowboard 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days What You Get
Black (7-15yrs) 29 CHF 79 CHF 109 CHF First class skis/snowboard.
Red (7-15yrs) 19 CHF 50 CHF 72 CHF Junior skis/snowboard.
Blue (0-6yrs) 12 CHF 31 CHF 38 CHF Kids skis/snowboard.
Ski / Snowboard Boots 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days What You Get
Red (7-15yrs) 19 CHF 50 CHF 72 CHF Junior boots.
Blue (0-6yrs) 15 CHF 40 CHF 56 CHF Kids boots.

Ski Passes

Ski Passes For Grimentz-Zinal & The Surrounding Areas

VAL D’Anniviers SKI PASS

The Val d’Anniviers ski pass gives access to a range of slopes in the Val d’Anniviers region, including Grimentz-Zinal, St-Luc/Chandolin and Vercorin*. The pass includes access to ski lifts and cable cars in all covered regions for fantastic skiing opportunities.

The Val d’Anniviers ski pass can be purchased in multiple formats, from a 1/2 day pass up to 14 consecutive days (longer durations are available through ticket office or through email contact).

* includes Chalais–Vercorin cable car only during the ski area opening hours.

VAL D’Anniviers SKI PASS Prices

See the following price list for pass duration and corresponding prices, all prices in CHF.

Duration Adult Senior Youth Child
1/2 Day From 50.00 45.00 43.00 30.00
1 Day 64.00 58.00 54.00 38.00
3 Days 16200 146.00 138.00 97.00
5 Days 259.00 233.00 220.00 155.00
7 Days 329.00 296.00 280.00 197.00
9 Days 391.00 352.00 332.00 235.00
11 Days 445.00 401.00 378.00 267.00
14 Days 518.00 466.00 440.00 311.00
Annual Ski Pass 899.00 899.00 899.00 399.00
Evening in Grimentz

Magic Pass

The Magic Pass is a great solution for those who are looking to stay in the Grimentz region for a longer period of time. This pass is valid for the entire season (May – April) and gives the holder access to the 115km of slopes around the Grimentz and Zinal area.

The Magic Pass also includes access to a range of activities off the slopes, for more information visit our Magic Pass page, or visit the Magic Pass website below.

The Resort

Resort information for Grimentz-Zinal & the surrounding areas

The ski resort of Grimentz has a huge amount to offer to skiers of all ages and abilities. The slopes around Grimentz and Zinal and easily accessible by brand new, modern cable cars and ski lifts to take you to the varying skiing altitudes and ski routes. For a unique experience you are able to visit the Grimentz heliport which brings with it opportunities for heliskiing and tours around the surrounding areas. Read on for more information about the ski resort of Grimentz.

Grimentz-Zinal ski map

Resort Statistics

SKIING SEASON: Mid November – Mid April
ALTITUDE: 1570m – 2920m



Number of Runs: 48
Longest Run: 6km

Popular Runs

Lona Piste (Route 1 on map)


Length: 4.3km
Gradient: 30% (average), 60% (maximum)

Starting point: Lona (2920m)
Destination: Grimentz (1600m)

Level of difficulty: difficult (normal slope)

Piste du Chamois (Route 2 on map)


Length: 4.3km
Gradient: 30% (average), 65% (maximum)

Starting point: Zinal-Grimentz (2896m)
Destination: Grimentz (1300m)

Level of difficulty: difficult (normal slope)

Corne de Sorebois


Length: 7.7km
Type: Freeride

Starting point: Sorebois (2867m)
Destination: Grimentz (1600m)

Level of difficulty: Varied

Restaurants On The Slopes

Experience some of the finest Swiss food during your time on the slopes around Grimentz when visiting some of the restaurants and bars during your ski run. The slopes of Grimentz and Zinal are dotted with a selection of drinking and dining options offering food throughout the entire skiing day.

All restaurants and bars on the slopes are within easy access of ski lifts or and the end of ski runs, they make a fantastic destination to socialise after a day on the slopes, or just to refuel throughout your ski session.

restaurant food

Restaurant Bendolla

The Restaurant Bendolla is located at the top of the Grimentz–Bendolla gondola which allows for disabled access, and at the foot of the ski slopes this is a great destination for skiers and families alike.

Food here is prepared in a traditional way, with the menu offering a selection of local produce. The location of this restaurant also allows for easy access to the Grimentz-Zinal ski school where your children can play, ski and have fun while you take to the slopes.

Restaurant de Sorebois

The Restaurant de Sorebois is located just 10 metres from the Zinal- Sorebois-Espace Weisshor gondola lift, at the foot of the pistes. This resturant is right next to the Grimentz-Zinal ski-school snow garden making it a fantastic family destination.

With a variety of dining options including table service, self service, or buffet, you can choose the option which best suits you. Marvel at the breathtaking scenery of the Val d’Anniviers summits as you enjoy dining at the Restaurant de Sorebois.

The Box

The Box is a buvette style dining area, with its very own sunny terrace area which looks out over the mountains of the Val d’Anniviers. It is located at 2300m next to the old Les Crets chairlift arrival station.

The Box makes a fantastic place to come and relax in the sun after a long day on the slopes, offering a pasta bar, snack bar, and a selection of beers and wines.


Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers

Stunning high mountains surround the village of Grimentz on all sides, positioned with the Rhone Valley to the north, Zermatt (The Matterhorn) to the east, Italy to the south, and Verbier to the west, Grimentz is the true definition of Alpine living. The village offers incredible opportunities to engage in exciting snow sports as well as being a rich traditional experience.

Access By Car

From Grimentz to Sierre : 30 minutes

From Milan to Sierre : 3h20

From Geneva to Sierre : 2h00

From Zürich to Sierre : 3h10

From Paris to Sierre : 6h50

Access to ski lifts



30 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1587m
Skiing 3000m