Champéry Switzerland

Welcome to the beautiful village of Champéry, making up a part of the Portes du Soleil. This area is renowned throughout the world for its excellent snow sports in the winter months, and challenging mountain biking & hiking trails in the warmer seasons. The village of Champéry borders France, with access to cross-border ski routes, making it possible to ski from Switzerland to France and vice versa.

Champéry is one of twelve villages in the Port du Soleil region. The enchanting Swiss architecture and picture-perfect mountain scenery are sure to take your breath away, and make every moment of your stay with us something to remember. From the moment you arrive in Champéry Mrs Miggins will ensure your every need is met, and your stay with us is something to remember for a lifetime…

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Welcome to Champéry

Les portes du soleil


Situated in the renown Port du Soleil, our stunning Champéry properties give you direct access to some of the worlds greatest mountain activities. From world-class skiing to challenging mountain bike trails, you will never be short of things to do in Champéry. But the fun doesn’t stop when you leave the slopes, Champéry is well-known for its traditional style village, including beautiful rustic restaurants and bars, serving locally produced wines and cheeses.

The area is a fantastic destination all year round, with an endless list of activities for all the family.

Skiing in Champéry

Skiing In Champéry

Portes Du Soleil Ski Resort

Champéry is perhaps most widely known for it’s excellent ski and snowboarding scene. With nearby access to the world-famous Port du Soleil ski resort, you’re never far away from the snow sports adventure of a lifetime.

The unique geographical location of Champéry makes it possible for you to ski or snowboard across borders, without having to take any kit off. Making Champéry the ideal holiday for those who love to experience ski runs with ever-changing landscapes and challenging routes such as the ‘Swiss Wall’.

A ski or snowboarding adventure in Champéry isn’t just something for those who are at an advanced level. With multiple ski & snowboard schools in the local area, Champéry makes the perfect setting for your first time on the snow. Within no time you will be heading for the black slopes to get that adrenaline surging.

Other Activities

Your Adventure Awaits

Snowsports may have put Champéry on the map, but this area has an abundance of interesting and exciting activities to take part in during your stay. The landscape around Champéry makes it ideal for a multitude of adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

During the warmer months, the lower levels of the mountains make fantastic mountain bike runs. Or for a more leisurely exploration experience, why not take to the trails on a hike and soak up the outstanding natural beauty you find yourself surrounded by.

For an experience to remember, make your way to the mountain tops for a tandem paragliding experience and you will really see just how incredible the landscape is as you gently float back to earth.

The area also has plenty of things to do for children, with swimming pools and sporting activities all local to your stay with Mrs Miggins.

Mountain biking in Champéry
Wine Tasting in Champéry

Champéry Lifestyle

Relax & Unwind In Champéry

The lifestyle in Champéry is all about relaxing and having fun. From the scenery and the activities, to the food and drink, you will experience true Alpine living in it’s finest form. Mrs Miggins can help guide you towards the best local eatery’s and activities so you will always be doing something you love.

Champéry village offers a huge selection of rustic style restaurants and bars to be enjoyed, stocked with locally sourced food and drinks. The local vineyards supply some of the most exquisite wines in the world, with professional wine tasting sessions available.

The area also hosts some popular mountain festivals, such as ‘Rock the Pistes’, which is a festival accessible by ski, taking place in the Port du Soleil. In Champéry you are promised an unforgettable stay with an endless list of experiences, traditions, and activities to enjoy as you relax and unwind in this beautiful land.

Seasons in Champéry

A Year-Round Holiday Destination

For those who love the sun, Champéry is a dream destination. Seeing over 300 days of sunshine a year, you are almost always guaranteed exceptional skiing conditions. The unique landscape around Champéry also means even in the height of the summer months skiing is still possible at higher levels.

Winter in Champéry turns the area into a picture-perfect snow-dusted wonderland, with the nearby forests dusted with a layer of pure white snow, contrasting against the steel blue skies above.

As the weather warms, the snow begins to melt, revealing luscious green meadows all around the Champéry village. The area comes alive with life, surrounded on all sides by magnificent rising mountains, capped with snow. Temperatures in the summer reach well over 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Seasonal flowers in Champéry


Champéry, Valais

Only 1.5 hours from Geneva, Champéry sits on the France-Switzerland border, making up part of the world-famous snow sports and mountain biking area, the Port du Soleil. This beautiful village makes a fantastic destination 365 days a year, with something to offer to all the family.

Access By Car

From Monthey to Champéry : 15 minutes

From Geneva to Monthey : 1h20

From Zürich to Monthey : 2h25

From Milan to Monthey : 3h30

From Paris to Monthey : 6h25

Access to ski lifts



15 mins (Monthey)


Resort 1055m
Skiing 2466m



How do I get to Champéry?

The resort town of Champéry is located in the Valais region of Switzerland. Here are a few options to reach Champéry:

By air: The nearest international airports to Champéry are Geneva Airport (GVA) and Zurich Airport (ZRH). From either airport, you can take a train to Aigle, and then transfer to a local train to Champéry. The journey from Geneva Airport takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

By train: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) operates frequent train services to Champéry. You can take a train to Aigle and then transfer to the scenic Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champéry (AOMC) narrow-gauge train that takes you directly to Champéry. The AOMC train journey provides beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and takes around 30 minutes.

By car: If you prefer driving, Champéry is easily accessible by car. From Geneva, take the A1 motorway towards Lausanne, and then follow the signs to Martigny and Champéry. The journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

Are chalets & apartments catered?

No, our chalets and apartments in Champéry are not catered. However, they do provide self-catering facilities, including fully equipped kitchens, where guests can prepare their meals. This allows for flexibility and gives you the opportunity to explore local restaurants and dining options in Champéry at your own pace.

Are pets allowed in the chalets & apartments?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our chalets and apartments in Champéry. This policy is in place to ensure the comfort and cleanliness of all guests, as well as to maintain the quality of the accommodations. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific chalet or apartment you are interested in, as there may be exceptions or accommodations available for service animals.

Do the chalets & apartments provide bed linens and towels?

Yes, the chalets and apartments in Champéry typically provide bed linens and towels for guests. These essentials are included in the rental package, allowing you to have a comfortable stay without the need to bring your own linens.

Is skiing in Champéry good for beginners?

Champéry ski resort offers a range of slopes suitable for beginners, making it a great destination for those new to skiing. The resort has dedicated beginner areas and gentle nursery slopes where you can learn the basics of skiing in a comfortable and safe environment. Additionally, there are ski schools in Champéry that offer lessons specifically designed for beginners, providing professional instruction to help you build confidence and improve your skills on the slopes.

Where can I hire ski equipment in Champéry?

Champéry offers several options for ski equipment rentals. Here are a few places where you can hire ski equipment in Champéry:

Local rental shops: There are several ski rental shops in the village of Champéry, where you can rent skis, boots, poles, helmets, and other equipment. These shops have a variety of options to suit different skill levels and preferences. They also provide expert advice on selecting the right equipment for your needs.

Ski resorts: Champéry ski resort itself has rental shops conveniently located at the base or near the ski lifts. These shops offer a wide range of rental equipment suitable for all ages and abilities. Renting from the resort can be convenient if you prefer not to transport your equipment to and from the slopes.

Online rental services: Some online platforms allow you to pre-book your ski equipment and have it delivered to your accommodation in Champéry. This option can save you time and ensure you have the equipment ready upon arrival.

It’s recommended to check availability and make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure you have the desired equipment during your stay in Champéry.