Crans-Montana Food & Drink


Enjoy world class cuisine throughout the Crans-Montana resort. Crans-Montana is home to some of the best dining options in the Swiss Alps with restaurants and bars offering locally sourced food and drink for you to enjoy throughout the day or night. With a choice of over 90 restaurants and bars visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options and there will always be somewhere to suit everyone’s taste. In Crans-Montana diners enjoy far more than just great food options, restaurants and bars throughout the resort offer fantastic views of the landscape and mountains beyond. Prepare for an eye opening dining experience in the resort of Crans-Montana.

Restaurants & Bars

La Plage

Restaurants In Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana Ski resort is a foodie’s delight with a large selection of restaurants to suit any taste buds. Situated at 1,500 metres above sea level the restaurants in Crans-Montana not only offer fantastic dining options, but some of the most stunning views you can find in the Swiss Alps. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a Michelin star meal you will find it in Crans-Montana.

The mountains above Crans-Montana home to more than 20 different places serving food, any of which make a great pitstop during your skiing day. Almost all of the restaurants in they resort offer beautiful sunny terraces on which you can soak up the sun as you enjoy your food.

La Plage is a picturesque restaurant located right next to the Moubra Lake in Crans-Montana. The restaurant offers traditional Swiss cuisine with an international touch to create modern dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in Crans-Montana.

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Bars In Crans-Montana

What better way to relax after a long day of skiing the slopes than to head to one of the many bars throughout the Crans-Montana ski resort. With plenty of options to choose from you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a place to have a drink. Bars in Crans-Montana offer anything from lively parties to a cosy lounge atmosphere with live bands playing most nigths.

The villages of Crans-Montana and the slopes both make great visiting options depending on your days activities. As the day comes to an end many of the bars will adopt a more energetic atmosphere as the après ski parties begin. This is a great time to socialise with other skiers and people visiting the area.

Monk’is Bar advertises itself as a fun party bar and is open daily from 7pm until 2am with a great friendly atmosphere for all its visitors. This is a popular choice for skiers after a long day on the slopes when they’re looking to unwind and let their hair down.

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Tasting Experiences

Cheese in Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana Cheese

Surrounding the Crans-Montana area luscious green pastures on which farmers allow their cows to graze. Traditional pasture farming makes for some of the highest quality milk with a large fat content. For years, Swiss farmers have been taking advantage of the high-quality milk their cows produce to create delicious cheeses.

Cheese is an extremely popular dish throughout the whole of Switzerland and Crans-Montana is no exception. Dairy farmers and cheese producers around the area use locally sourced milk to create some of the world’s most delicious cheeses Including raclette and fondue cheese.

Wine in Crans-Montana

Wine Tasting

Like much of Valais, Crans-Montana is famous for its outstanding wines. The wine in Crans-Montana is a large factor behind the tourism in the area with vineyards local to the resort producing some of the world’s finest wines.

The Salon des Vins et Terroir Is a wine festival which takes place in March each year at the Régent Congress Centre in Crans-Montana. This event attracts both locals and tourists to enjoy the products of 14 wine producers from the Haut Plateau. It is a must see if you are visiting Crans-Montana at this time.

Crans-Montana local produce

Local Produce

The local produce is something that has made the cuisine in Crans-Montana famous. Close to the resort of Crans-Montana cheese, wine, and medicinal plants are grown and produced – all of which can be enjoyed in the various bars and restaurants throughout the resort.

The landscape around Crans-Montana allows farmers and produces to create delicious products with unmatched quality. Fruit grown on the hillsides around Crans-Montana it’s produced into syrups and liqueurs which make a fantastic souvenir gift. The local produce is something we would highly recommend you tried during your time here.

Local Delicacies


Syrups & Liqueurs

The sunny hillsides around Crans-Montana provide the perfect environment for growing fruit. Some of these fruits are used to produce syrups and liqueurs that are unique to the region.

These can be tasted locally in distilleries such as Grand-Père Cornut where they are sold as various products including bottles that can be taken home as souvenirs or infused into chocolates.


Coffee Roasting

Why not try something you never thought you’d do in the Alps, at Choucas Coffee you can enjoy coffee made right in front of your eyes or take a tour which takes you through the entire coffee-making process.

Enjoy a cup of this delicious coffee on the terrace while you soak up the sun with exceptional views of lake Lake Grenon and the mountains.


Swiss Chocolate

The Swiss are famous for putting chocolate on the map, they produce some of the best chocolate you can find globally and Crans-Montana is certainly no exception.

The area is dotted with exquisite chocolate and candy shops and supported by some of the best chocolatiers in Switzerland. A visit to Crans-Montana is not complete without trying some of their mouth-watering goodies.


Crans-Montana, Sierre

Crans-Montana is one of the most popular ski destinations in Valais, with exceptional access by both car and train. Access Crans-Montana directly from Geneva by car in less than two hours. Discover this stunning Alpine destination for yourself, and find out why it makes a fantastic break all year round.

Access By Car

From Sierre to Crans-Montana : 20 minutes

From Geneva to Sierre : 2h

From Milan to Sierre : 3h20

From Zürich to Sierre : 3h30

From Paris to Sierre : 6h30

Ski Slopes



15 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1500m
Skiing 3000m