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The village of Grimentz has a huge amount of dining options to offer, with local shop, restaurants, and bars stocking locally sourced produce for you to enjoy. Experience Swiss dining at it’s finest in one of the many traditional style restaurants around the village, each with their own unique twist in the Alpine dining experience. Or why not go for a drink in the Alpine inspired bars found around Grimentz. You’re sure to find a dining option you and your family love here in Grimentz.

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Restaurants In Grimentz

Dining can make up a huge part of your holiday, but in Grimentz you will never be short of dining options, whether you wish to have a fully serviced sit down meal, or you’re just looking for a small bite to eat, Grimentz has a dining option for you.

Switzerland is well-know for its fine dining and fresh produce, Grimentz is no exception to this, offering some of the freshest and most delicious food options found in the Alps. Try traditional Swiss-inspired dishes, some of which is produced just a few miles away from Grimentz.

Restaurant de Moiry is one of the most popular restaurants in the village, offering a range of foods including Swiss, French, and European. Enjoy food served here between 12:00pm – 08:00pm while soaking up the stunning views of the mountains which encompass the village.

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Le Country Pub Grimentz

Bars In Grimentz

Keeping with tradition, the bar’s in Grimentz inspire a relaxed and warm feel. You are welcomed by cosy décor and friendly staff as you enter, bringing with it the feeling you are in one of only a few true Alpine resorts left.

Though Grimentz is far from a party destination, you are promised a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere within the bars in and around the village. Socialise with both visitors and locals as you enjoy the fine drinks and activities within.

Le Country Pub is a favourite for locals and visitors alike, offering its patrons an extensive selection of drinks and snacks, as well as games and activities from karaoke to darts. The polite and friendly staff bring the pub to life and ensure you and your family & friends will have an enjoyable night.

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Tasting Experiences

Baking Traditional Rye Bread

Baking Traditional Rye Bread

Take part in the traditional art of rye bread baking at the historic bakery “Four Banal“. Rye has been grown in Switzerland for years, with rye bread making up a fundamental element of the canton’s ancient traditions.

The session itself run by an experienced baker. On arrival to the session you will receive the rye bread dough which is prepared a day prior, you will the be guided through the process of dough preparation and baking. Be sure to listen out for any hints and tips as your baker guides you through this experience.

Prices From CHF 10.

Languages: German, French, English

Duration: 1 Hour

Wine tasting in Grimentz

Wine Tasting

Sit back and take in the view of the mountains around Grimentz during a wine tasting experience. Taste some of the finest wines in Switzerland which have been produced from grapes grown just a few miles away in Sierre and the Rhone Valley. Discover the art of wine tasting as you soak up the stunning scenery which surrounds you.

La Cave Viaccoz is one of the main wine producers in this area. They offer professional wine tasting experiences, with their wine produced on the sunny hillsides of Sierre at an altitude of 1570 metres. After taking part in the session you will have the opportunity to purchase any of the wines you have tasted.

Grimentz village

Val d’Anniviers

The Val d’Anniviers is home to a variety of food and drink choices, including regional produce and local specialities. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to discover as you journey through Gimentz and the surrounding areas of the Val d’Anniviers region.

Enjoy unique dining experiences as you indulge in the very best of Swiss cuisine. Restaurants such as the Gîte du Marais allow you to take in the spectacular scenery in the region as you enjoy the extensive food & drinks menu, including Valaisan cuisine, cheese dishes, home-made desserts, and chef’s specialities.

Local Delicacies

Rye bread

Rye Bread

Rye bread was a staple food all over the Alps in ancient times. Rye bread makes a long-lasting alternative to the now common white bread. Grains have been grown in the valleys surrounding Grimentz for years, they are then harvested, made into dough, and baked.

The rye bread cooked in Grimentz is a food with a rich history in the area, and has to be tried to be truly appreciated. It is traditionally served with soups, but is also enjoyed with a selection of fondue cheeses.

Glacier Wine

Glacier Wine

Glacier wine (Le Glacier) is a wine traditional to Grimentz, the wine is usually aged for 10 to 15 years in a wine cellar in Grimentz, kept in a series of larch-wood barrels. This wine is unique as the barrels are never fully emptied, so older wine is mixed with wine being produced for a distinctive taste.

To taste head to the cellars of Minicipal Burgeoise where it is produced, this experience is sure to stimulate every sense. Take in the unique production process of this very special wine as you enjoy its full-bodied taste and rich aroma.



The experience of Rando-Fondue in the Val d’Anniviers is a memory to last a lifetime. This unique approach to the Swiss delicacy of fondue allows you to create your own fondue anywhere you like. You are encouraged to head for the mountains and enjoy this delicious food type with a stunning view over the mountains.

Upon ordering the Rando-Fondue kit you will receive cheese, wine (apple juice as an alternative), a sausage for the aperitif, the stove, forks and fondue pot suitable for outdoor use, as well as “Val d’Anniviers” souvenir glasses made of reusable plastic.


Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers

Stunning high mountains surround the village of Grimentz on all sides, positioned with the Rhone Valley to the north, Zermatt (The Matterhorn) to the east, Italy to the south, and Verbier to the west, Grimentz is the true definition of Alpine living. The village offers incredible opportunities to engage in exciting snow sports as well as being a rich traditional experience.

Access By Car

From Grimentz to Sierre : 30 minutes

From Milan to Sierre : 3h20

From Geneva to Sierre : 2h00

From Zürich to Sierre : 3h10

From Paris to Sierre : 6h50

Access to ski lifts



30 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1587m
Skiing 3000m