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The Alps represent an incredible investment opportunity, and we often find our guests recognise the potential of property ownership in the areas we work in. Our sister company Mansion Properties specialises in the sales and investment of ski properties in Switzerland and allows for an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the expanding Swiss property market.


Who are Mansion properties?

Mansion Properties is a Swiss based company offering high-end property investment opportunities to both international and Swiss clients. Mansion Properties specialise in luxury properties located in some of the best ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

With over 20 years of experience in the Swiss property market they are well established as a leading property investment company in the Alps. Mansion Properties not only specialise in the sales of properties, but also the design and construction of the complexes. This allows them to tailor their properties with investment in mind, making them the ideal holiday homes or source of rental income.

Mrs Miggins and Mansion Properties work together to make a sustainable, affordable, and fully serviced solution, whether you are a guest at one of our properties, or the owner, to ensure both parties are getting the absolute maximum out of their property usage.

The Property Market in Switzerland

The property market in Switzerland is widely regarded for it’s strength and continuous upward trajectory, with a history of strong housing prices, and a forecast predicting just the same. The most rapid expansion has been seen in ski properties, for both rental and owner-occupied housing. With stunning scenery surrounding Swiss Alpine properties and some of the worlds best ski resorts right on your doorstep, Swiss ski properties are a ticket to a whole new world of discovery, relaxation, and adventure.

le Montagnier

Why Buy Alpine Property?

Switzerland’s central position in Europe makes it an attractive option for a huge number of overseas buyers. The renowned security, stability, and reliability of the housing market in this part of the world brings with it a strong demand for luxury housing which compliments the surrounding landscape.

Strict housing regulations in Switzerland govern the construction of new housing to ensure it is compliant with a range of factors, from sustainability, to construction quality. Emphasis is made on preserving the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, this encourages the design of traditional buildings while making use of locally sourced materials. To help manage the preservation of the Alps, the Swiss government have put a cap on the number of new homes and second homes which can be built in the future, therefore increasing the value of property ownership in the region.

But perhaps the most appealing factor of home ownership in this area of the world is the quality of life. The Swiss Alps are widely regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the world, with a very freeing, simplistic, yet luxurious way of living, which AlpLifestyle intend to capture in its entirety.

our Developments 


Le Montagnier

Le Montagnier is comprised of 20 modern and spacious apartments, designed by the award winning CP Architecture. Apartments in this development are available to residents of Switzerland and overseas buyers.


Les RahÂs

These stunning properties are located with easy access to the Grimentz – Zinal ski lift, totally immersed in the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. Finished in a traditional Swiss style with panoramic views over Grimentz.

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