Staying Warm on The Slopes

Snow is here, the air is crisp and the soup is on. It almost feels like summer was just here a short moment ago. So now what? How do we adapt to winter? Take out your winter jackets and warm fuzzy boots and try a few of these ideas to enjoy blasting into winter (whether you are ready or not).

  1. Get some new winter gear-
  2. Are you a big skier? Maybe you just like walks in the snow and to join the apres ski. Either way, getting some new winter fashion always makes me feel better. From a new fancy jacket for the slopes, to a new matching scarf and mitten combo, looking good makes everyone feel great!
    1. Fondue a la maison-
    2. No meal says winter in the alps like a warm and yummy cheese fondue. You don’t always have to go out to wine and dine. Get your favorite bottle of red, some onions and pickles and grab your fondue fork and dig in! Light a few candle and put on some music and enjoy the comfy atmosphere in the comfort of your own home ( and the comfort of your own pyjamas if you want 😊

    3. Dining out-
    Not a big fan of cooking, even if its just fondue, well treat yourself! Its still the season for the hunting menu here in Champery, so get to the restaurant and enjoy the final weeks of some warm and hearty deer, spätzli and all the fixins!

    There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a beautiful resto, getting served the finest food and leaving with no dishes to do!

    4. Hot Chocolate and Movies-
    Oh couch, how I love you. Minus 2 is pretty from the inside, but being outside, not so much. The great thing about cold weather is you can cuddle up with a hot drink and blanket on the couch and not feel bad about it. Have a movie you haven’t watched for a while ? Maybe netflix and chill? Get some of that famous Suisse hot chocolate powder, milk, and if your feeling crazy buy some whipped cream and indulge with your favorite person and enjoy.

    1. Keep it moving-
    2. Ok, so its cold but your not scared. You love the outdoors at any temperature. Now is a great time to take a stroll around. There is so much happening with the weather , get out there and see it for yourselves. Leaves are changing colour and falling, the colours are from red to orange to blue and white ( depending where you are) Everyday is so different, the photo opportunities are endless. Just put on your warm boots and gloves and let the calm of the quiet crisp winter air relax you before the busy holiday season.

      I hope everyone has a great winter this year. For me the transition usually seems so fast, but I must say I am looking forward to the change this year. The calm of the winter is very special, and we should all take time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature ( and vin chaud 😉

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