ESS Kids Club

“Today we are visiting one of the best little places in Champéry, our kids club!”

Conveniently located right next to The Lodge Champéry, I went by to see Nicole, the director of, should I say, happiest place in the Village. I wanted to get to know what a day in the life of the kids club was like, and this is how it went;

Today was an especially busy day, as it is high season here in Champery. There were 6 teachers with a great big, excited bunch of kids ready to learn.

’Hands in the air, down to your toes clap clap clap and repeat’

This looks like fun already, and we havn’t even started skiing yet! 5 teachers were doing a warm up with the group, while Nicole was helping out the little ones get all equipt to start their lesson. There are exercises such as weaving in and out of cones, practicing your snow plow, and the list goes on.A moving carpet makes it easy for the little ones to head right back up after making it down the run.

In case the little ones who are at the kids club for the  day get tired and need a break, there is a little heated room filled with toys and coloring books to enjoy between lessons. Some children come for a 3 hour lesson (you can choose 9:30-12:30, or 13:30-16:30), and some are staying with the kids club the whole day (9:30-16:30, with lunch). This includes eating with the teachers. It is basically a really fun babysitter by the looks of it.

There was also a team of cheerleading parents, excited to watch their little ones show off their new skills. If you want to stay and support your child, there is a section just beside the run, where you can relax and enjoy. If you are more of a sip hot chocolate and cheer from inside, grab a table in the palladium sports centre restaurant and enjoy the view of your little skier from the warmth above.

All in all, the ski club seems to be a really fun place , not only for the kids in the lessons, but the instructors and parents as well. I mean what is cuter than a tiny little skier all dressed up and proud as can be.

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