Champéry summer

It’s Summer!

Well its that time again, sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the snow is gone. So now what do we do if we can’t ski you ask? Here in Champéry we are so lucky to have plenty outdoor activities to enjoy, here are a few ideas to keep you busy in this beautiful weather:

Biking- The gondola is officially open, and this weekend has already been busy with downhill mountain bikers. Throw on your gear, grab your bike and get your adrenaline pumping!! Not a big fan of the whole speed thing, me either. No problem, just head up the mountain with your waking shoes and enjoy the gorgeous scenery from above.

Pool time- The palladium sports center located right beside our Lodge has an amazing outdoor pool area. Grab a chair, your towel, an ice-cream and enjoy! (oh ya you can go in the water too) There is a slack line and a big air mattress to test your balance and jumping skills as well. Fun and funny for all ages.

Tennis- Also right beside us is the tennis courts. Grab your rackets and get swinging! There is a tennis club and a cute little club house for everyone to enjoy.

Hope that gave you some ideas. I’m sure looking forward to these long warm days that’s for sure. I wish everyone a sun kissed summer and we hope to see you soon!