Winter vacation is a very popular type of get away for many. Snow falling, fondue by the fire, and of course, apres-ski.

But what about if you are more of the skip the ski day and go directly to the apres? Just because you are not willing to put on boots, strap two pieces of metal to your feet and go flying down our breath-taking Swiss Alps, doesn’t mean you cant enjoy all there is to offer in the beautiful mountains. Here are some ideas for the non-skiers’ winter vacation here in Champéry:

Palladium Sports Centre

Conveniently located just next to The Lodge Champéry, here you can find all sorts of activities such as ice skating, curling, wall climbing swimming, fitness etc.  Tired and hungry after all that sport? Enjoy a meal at the Palladium restaurant located in the sports centre.

From here you are also able to watch the ESS kids club, which whether or not you have a child learning here, watching the tiny future Olympians go down the hill is always sweetly entertaining.

Therms Parc Val dilliez

Take some time for yourself at the Therms Parc Val dillez. Located just one village down from Champéry, here you will find a large oasis of health and well being. Start off with a dip in the giant jacuzzi, and swim outside to the thermal river. These thermal baths are rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphur, which have proven health benefits all for you to soak in.

Done with the water? Take a moment to relax in the hammam, sauna or tylarium.

Do you have “faim” after all that self pampering? Grab a snack at the restaurant conveniently located on your way out.

Snow Shoeing

Not a skier but you still want to enjoy the snow; why not try snow shoeing? Strap on your rackets and get exploring yourself, or you can organise a guided tour. There are plenty of route options, all depending on your level and preference of duration. You could start from the bottom of the village, or go up with the gondola and take a more relaxed route. Track over to a restaurant and indulge in a delicious cheesy fondue on the terrace (as well as the astonishing views you would only be able to enjoy while skiing). You can find a booklet will all the information necessary at the Office du Tourisme.

Fondue on the Top

>You don’t have to being doing a sporting activity to enjoy all there is to offer at the Portes du Soleil resort. You are also able to buy a pass to take the Gondola up and enjoy the Croix du Culet restaurant, located just at the top. Have little ones that don’t ski? Maybe your little one is in a lesson and you want to be there when they are done. Grab a spot in the sun and sip a drink on the terrace, or stay cozy inside and have a hot chocolate or fondue while enjoying the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

I hope this has helped give all the non -skiers some reasons to come and enjoy our little Village in the Alps. As I was not a huge skier before I moved here, I have really come to appreciate the beauty of the mountains (and the winter especially) and all it has to offer.