Rally Racing in Champéry

Champéry is always excited to host the Rally du Chablais, and this year is the big 15!

The fast car race brings quite and ambiance to this small quaint village. Starting off with the first pass at 8:15 am, check out the daring drivers who do the tour all the way to champoussin. Turn after turn and always foot on the gas, you must be some sort of daredevil to start this.

It’s a great event for all ages as the first tour starts off at the parking of the telepherique. You can watch as the drivers start the tour by making their way through and obstacle course and flying our the parking lot as fast as possible to get up that mountain at the best possible.

There is also a bar and restoration to enjoy in between runs. The second run is at 11:15, so grab a drink and a bite to eat while enjoying the atmosphere all day long.

I have seen this Rally here for the last 6 years and it is definatley one of my favorite times of year here in Champery. Im not much of a dare devil myself but love a nice fast car, and seeing the talent of each driver is very cool and exciting.

Come join us here on May 31st, the Rally is free and for all to see!