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Rated #1 Ski Resort in The Alps For Families By National Geographic.

Welcome to the enchanting village of Grimentz, Valais, where you’ll find the perfect Grimentz ski chalet for your Alpine getaway. Upon arriving in Grimentz, you can almost feel the clocks turn back as you begin to explore this traditional Swiss village. Prepare yourself to experience an area overflowing with rich history and heritage of true Alpine living, all within the charming embrace of Grimentz.

The encompassing mountains surrounding Grimentz are not only a stunning backdrop to this charming village but also serve as the perfect playground for some incredible snow sporting activities. With over 120km of pistes accessible by cable car, Grimentz offers endless opportunities for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner, seeking to improve your skills, or an advanced-level skier or snowboarder, the mountains of Grimentz will not disappoint. Unleash your passion for winter sports and embrace the exhilaration that awaits in Grimentz.

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Val d’Anniviers


The largest village in the Val d’Anniviers, Grimentz has something to offer for all ages and interests. The Alps are most commonly associated with their skiing scene, however Grimentz is unique in it’s very traditional nature. Take a walk through the village to admire the spectacular architecture at every turn. Charming restaurants and bars are dotted throughout Grimentz waiting to be discovered on your journey back in time through this Alpine village. Serving local delicacies, including traditional Swiss foods and wines.

Grimentz has something to offer year-round to all the family, whether you are on a journey of relaxation or thrilling and adrenaline fuelled stay.

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Skiing In Grimentz

Val d’Anniviers Ski Resort

Grimentz ski chalet is conveniently located within the Val d’Anniviers ski resort, which happens to be the largest and most sought-after skiing destination in the vicinity. The Grimentz – Zinal cable car, among other modern ski lifts, grants easy access to a vast network of over 120km of skiable routes, catering to both on-piste and off-piste adventures.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, Grimentz surpasses expectations, accommodating enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner taking your first graceful glide or an expert seeking an exhilarating challenge, the slopes surrounding Grimentz guarantee an unforgettable skiing or snowboarding experience. Ascending to heights reaching 2920m, the ski trails in Grimentz are serviced by twelve well-equipped lifts, efficiently transporting you across the majestic mountains.

The allure of Grimentz lies not only in its exceptional skiing facilities but also in the breathtaking panoramas that accompany your journey down the slopes. The combination of unparalleled skiing opportunities and the awe-inspiring scenery makes Grimentz an absolute paradise for aficionados of skiing and snowboarding alike.

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Rich in Tradition & Culture

Grimentz is a beautiful combination of both sports and culture, it has plenty to offer both on and off the slopes. The rich Swiss tradition which is so prominent in Grimentz is what sets it apart from other Alpine areas. On arrival in Grimentz, you cannot help yourself gazing in awe at the stunning and traditional Swiss architecture that surrounds you.It isn’t just the village itself that is oozing culture. When taking a hike in the surrounding mountains you are sure to come across buildings and structures which appear to be frozen in time, telling a story of how the settlements first formed hundreds of years ago.

Mountain biking is a popular sport in the area surrounding Grimentz, with over 300km of trails and hiking routes to discover in the summer months. All of which take you to evermore stunning locations.

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Grimentz Lifestyle

Discover Swiss Culture in Grimentz

Grimentz offers the perfect location to enjoy a totally relaxing holiday experience. A stay in Grimentz gives you a chance to unwind and enjoy things at your own pace, if snow sports is what interest you just jump on one of the ski lifts which are only 150 metres away. Or if something at a slower pace is what you enjoy, just take a stroll into Grimentz village and explore the surrounding area.

In this charming village you will be greeted by various restaurants, bars, and shops, all of which have something different to offer. Why not try some of the locally produced food and drink, including Swiss delicacies. A short walk through the village of Grimentz is a journey of discovery.

Grimentz also see’s local festivals including the Ski Grimentz Festival which takes place on the slopes around Grimentz, and the FestiVal d’Anniviers.

Seasons in Grimentz

A Year-Round Holiday Destination

As with most of the Valais region, Grimentz see’s over 300 days of sunshine each year. This makes it the a wonderful destination in both summer and winter. The unique landscape surrounding Grimentz allows for very high level skiing, up to 2920m in altitude.

The warmer months in this area cause the snow to melt at lower levels, revealing hundreds of kilometres of mountain biking and hiking trails to discover. The warmer weather also brings a burst of life to the meadows surrounding the village. Expect to see an abundance of flowers and wildlife as you take a leisurely walk in this picture-perfect destination.

Summer temperatures in Grimentz are usually in the twenties, making it an ideal summer destination, while also giving the option to take part in snow based activities. All while enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding mountainscapes which encompass the Grimentz village.

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Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers

Stunning high mountains surround the village of Grimentz on all sides, positioned with the Rhone Valley to the north, Zermatt (The Matterhorn) to the east, Italy to the south, and Verbier to the west, Grimentz is the true definition of Alpine living. The village offers incredible opportunities to engage in exciting snow sports as well as being a rich traditional experience.

Access By Car

From Grimentz to Sierre : 30 minutes

From Milan to Sierre : 3h20

From Geneva to Sierre : 2h00

From Zürich to Sierre : 3h10

From Paris to Sierre : 6h50

Access to ski lifts



30 mins (Sierre)


Resort 1587m Skiing 3000m