Mountain Life

Living in the mountains is a very interesting experience. You are in a what seems to be small confined area, yet everyday I find myself taking a new turn on a road I have never been on before, as well as checking the weather several times a day. Why? Because in the mountains the weather can change drastically very quickly. And heaven forbid you are in the middle of no where in a tank top enjoying the scenery when suddenly a big grey cloud comes over your head and starts literally raining on your parade. Personally, I love nothing more than a good thunder and lighting show. Last night as I sat staring out the window, I could see the clouds moving so quickly, becoming a team of rain holders while lighting shot through the sky so close to the window. Its really magic. I have watched storms while I was young with my grandma, but never have I seen a show like this. Sunny days are beautiful here, there is nothing like them. So next time you are here visiting , take a walk ( or the petite train.. that’s my favourite) and see all there is to see during the day while the sun is shining. Then in the evening , grab one of our comfy blankets, a hot chocolate and pull up a chair to the gorgeous large windows we have here in The Lodge by Mrs Miggins and watch the show for yourself. Its really something I promise!