Summer in Grimentz

Whether winter or summer, Grimentz in the Val d’Anniviers remains an ideal holiday destination. Voted by National Geographic as the best ski village in the Alps for families, this destination has something to offer for everyone. In this article we are going to convince you that although Grimentz is most widely known for its winter scene, it also has an endless amount of opportunities to offer in the summer. After a wonderful change of season in spring, we see summer appear with splendour in June, and so the summer season begins!

Grimentz Flowers

Grimentz is a traditional Swiss village at an altitude of 1572m. This unique village takes you back in time with the beautiful old wooden houses, the old water mill and the cosy mountain atmosphere. The older parts of Grimentz shine in the summer, with the Swiss style houses and buildings adorned with fiery geraniums – a tradition which has been preserved to this day called “Operation Geraniums”. These red flowers are laid out all over the village and give you the enchanting impression of a picturesque village in the Swiss Alps.

But it is not only the view that takes you back in time, but also the various cultural activities that keep the cultural heritage of Grimentz alive. One can take a guided tour in the old part of the village, take part in Rye bread making, or visit a historical house from the year 1529 (La Maison de la Grand-Maman). In the same spirit, every Friday (02/07-20/08) there is a traditional local market, the Firong of Grimentz, with craft products and cosy stalls for an aperitif, local wines to sample, and fresh juices for children to enjoy.

Making Memories Together

Besides exploring the village, there is of course a lot to do in the mountains. The snow has melted and the mountain paths are reappearing. The paths and roads stretch across the whole of the Anniviers valley. Some famous summer hikes are: the walk around the Lac de Moiry and over the dam of Moiry, the Bisse de Sarrasins with its wooden paths on the rock face and the two famous huts of Moiry and Becs de Bosson. The mountain paths are constantly maintained by the local municipality for the safety of hikers, young or old.

However, don’t worry if hiking doesn’t appeal to you. There is a wide variety of sports available. If you like climbing and adventure, the via ferratas are a great way to get your heart racing. In the village you can also play tennis, petanque and there is a cool and challenging minigolf course which is great for all ages. Since 2021, there are also two brand new activity areas, namely the Indoorpark Anniviers where you can climb and swing and the Swiss Ski School that from now on offers mountain bike courses in summer with secured tracks for children. So there is no shortage of activities in Grimentz.

Grimentz Road

Making the Most of Your Summer Holiday

A summer holiday in Grimentz can be a wonderful opportunity to make a lot of great memories together. You can even make them more special by spending your holiday at certain special times in summer (check out Grimentz activities here). Val d’Anniviers continues to amaze with large and small events. The two best known are the Sierre-Zinal running race, which takes place annually on the second Sunday in August, and The Grand Raid, a marathon mountain bike race held in the Valais Alps from Verbier to Grimentz.

There are also smaller but equally enjoyable events. Throughout the summer, open-air cinemas are organised all over the valley. A unique experience for the whole family. Music is also a must. The alpine horn is the example at the folk music festival in early July. The whole village is then decorated with beautiful chords and a festive atmosphere. In the mountains, you will also find wild animal life and phenomenal nature. For example, you can search for gold with the ‘goldwashing’ technique in the river in Zinal or spot wild animals with an experienced hunter.

From sports to cultural experiences and from tasting to adventure, Grimentz is a wonderful place to make your favourite memories.